rules & protocols


​1. We will be using USAV rules for this tournament, with the modification that the libero will be allowed to serve for one player.

2. Please be respectful of other teams and coaching staffs as they are here to help provide a great atmosphere and experience.

3. Game Times: All games will start on time. If you are late you will forfeit the first set; if you are 10 minutes late you will forfeit the match.

4. No outside food can be brought into the Convention Center building, including the lobby. This is a Convention Center rule we must enforce as a condition of our contract. We apologize for any inconvenience.

5. NO LARGE BAGS, BALLOONS, CHAIRS OR OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED! Major facilities reserve the right to restrict any items being brought into the building that they consider to be a problem. We DO provide seating for spectators at each court.​


1. Clubs that are ranked in the Top 16 of U.S. Club Rankings 2023 National Ranking Over 5 Years, will be awarded $500 for each 14–18-year-old top team in attendance at the 2024 NIT.

2. Rosters: Must be entered into the Triple Crown Sports website prior to tournament. This includes all coaches and players attending the event. Rosters cannot exceed 15 players per team.

3. Game Times: Will be posted online. You may get schedule information by clicking "Game Times" on this tournament's main page.

4. Birth Certificates or Proof of Age: Copies of birth certificates or proof of age (e.g. driver's license) will be required from each participant. Managers must keep such documents in their possession throughout the tournament in case of a protest.You don't need this for team check-in.

5. Unsportsmanlike Behavior Displayed by a Coach at Triple Crown Volleyball Events: A coach that exhibits offensive conduct or aggression during a match or post-match resulting in an expulsion or disqualification will be required to leave the competition-controlled area and exit the facility immediately, in addition to suspension from coaching the following match for their specific team.

​The coach cannot participate with other teams within their organization (in any capacity including being on bench) before their suspension match has been fulfilled. Coach can’t participate in the officiating duties for their team until the suspension match has been fulfilled. If the suspended coach is the only coach for the team, Triple Crown Staff and Head Official will grant either a qualified adult associated with the club/team or a capable player to fill in for R2 obligations.  

Future disqualification will be evaluated by Triple Crown Staff and head official if the behavior continues or escalates following the suspension. The USAV DCR process will be the final outline for future sanctions.  

* The Triple Crown Sportsmanship Committee (TC Tournament Staff and Head Officials) will be the final arbiter on all expulsions and disqualifications.

6. We will have a Protest Committee set up at the time of the coaches meeting for any objections to calls/rules throughout the tournament.

7. Athletic trainers are on duty at this event.

8. The tournament will run in waves (depending on number of teams). The morning wave begins at 7:30am; the afternoon wave begins at 3:00 pm. ​

9. Wristbands will be required for all participants, coaches and spectators to enter the exhibition hall.

- At team check-in, the team representative will be issued wristbands for each player on the roster (limit of 15 players) and up to 3 coaches. These wristbands are part of the teams entry fee - there is no extra charge for them.

10. Player/coach wristbands will not be issued prior to team check-in.  Team reps or coaches listed on more than one roster receive only one wristband.

11. All players and team staff must have a wristband to enter Triple Crown Volleyball Camp/Showcase on any day, including practices, camp and combine.

12. Replacement bands for lost, forgotten or stolen wristbands must be purchased.

13. Guest registration wristbands are required each day for anyone entering the Triple Crown Volleyball NIT facilities.

14. The only way to get your weekend wristband is to purchase it online!

- Use your smart phone, tablet, or computer to complete registration at any time, from any location!  Go to to purchase your wristband. Please bring your email confirmation or wristband purchase to the registration desk, and you will be given your wristband.

15. To pick up your wristband, you must have your QR Code on your phone or a paper QR Code to scan at guest services.

16. All wristbands are non-refundable.

17. All teams will be required to stay with one of our hotel partners.​

18. Parents will not be admitted into camps & showcase events.